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  • Creativity
    The world's first production method of stamping frame monocoque bicycle frame and the independent development of high-strength, high-load hardware platform necessary as an eco-friendly transportation that is becoming a trend in the logistics market through the development of parts.
  • Differentiation
    It is possible to automate and unmanned from materials to mass production through the automobile production process, breaking away from the existing labor-intensive manufacturing method with manual production. EMPA, a modular platform for cargo bikes developed through this, has a variable structure that can respond immediately to customer requirements and can be used for logistics, passenger transport, agriculture, etc. through one platform. In addition, users can easily remodel after making to order.
  • Conductivity
    While working for Hyundai Motor, thought about future mobility research and mobility justice, and felt the need to break away from the supply chain structure and profit structure centered on large corporations. To this end, we want to contribute to carbon neutrality and the right to mobility through a solution of an inexpensive and easy-to-use unique e-cargo bike that allows users to directly manufacture the car they want.
  • Leadership
    Among the contents developed for the first time in the world, there are stamping frames, monocoque bicycle frames, stamping wheels, in-wheel hub motor mounting, buried suspension modules for cargo electric bicycles, and hubsets with automobile wheel fastening methods, which can be sold as a whole platform or as individual parts. This type of development and B2B business model is a strategy constructed based on the goal of becoming a component leader to grow the pie across the ecosystem.
  • Networking effort
    During the development process, Eccov has a collaboration structure with the primary automobile manufacturing vendor for mass production, which has been collaborating for 10 years to produce molds and prototypes that are difficult to do on its own. It has been collaborating with Mando Corporation, which is developing a driving system, for more than 10 years from the beginning, and in particular, in Europe, we are conducting sales and promotion of Eccov through the German branch of Mando.
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